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10-Day money back guarantee

Tablet Keylogger offers you 10-day money back guarantee, and you do not have to have an excuse to ask for refund.The process might take up to 10 days after the refund request is accepted.

Please also note before you buy;

  • Tablet Keylogger works on non-rooted devices but, some features may not work if the target is not rooted. Please see features section on our webiste
  • Tablet Keylogger does not take any responsibility on any rooting problems.

How to ask for refund?

This request MUST be done within 10 days after you buy our product. Without any reason, you can contact us for money back.

Please also note that we first try to solve the problem, if you still are sure for money back, we make refund.

Please also be patient about your refund, and in case of any problems just contact us calmly. We will sure send your money back.

After 10 days?

We CANNOT refund if you ask for money back after 10 days.

Please also note that it DOES NOT matter if you used/activated the product or not. We can make refund only if it is requested in 10 days after the purchase.

3-Month ($89) 6-Month ($149) 12-Month ($199)